MISSION CONTROL - Select Your Role

Mission Control Room at VSSEC

Mission Control is the command and communication centre linking Earth and the Mars Rover.

Mission Control is staffed by a team of Scientists and a team of Engineers, who must work closely together to monitor the Rover, Communications and Environmental conditions, while completing the primary goals of the science mission.

To qualify as a Mission Controller, you must:

  • Select a role and familiarise yourself with the responsibilities, including the software in Mission Control (see individual roles as either Engineers or Scientists for more information)

  • Complete the Background Briefing and submit your application.

All Mission Control positions have access to:

Video feeds from the cameras onboard the Mars Rover

Satellite maps of the landing site, and Specific task screens (see individual roles for details).

The satellite Map Control Screen gives access to false-colour overlays of different minerals as detected by spectrometers onboard satellites, and to way-point navigation for the Rover.