This website provides the preparation necessary for students undertaking VSSEC's Robotic Mission to Mars. The mission contains complex problems and procedures, and a daunting amount of information. Students should work in pairs and negotiate and select roles (as either Scientists and Engineers) and present their job application to the class, which will give the entire class an introduction to the various roles of the mission. Negotiate with students the form of the presentation. Note: at NASA's landing site selection (in real life), one of the presentations was a 'rap' song. Negotiate a time limit (perhaps 5 minutes) and allow, and encourage, creativity.

This project is designed to encourage independent learning, and apart from an initial teacher explanation and negotiation of assessment, students should be able to work their way independently through the website, while also encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

There are many fantastic resources on YouTube. Try to ensure access to YouTube (though these can be viewed at home if necessary).

This site is also available for reference during the Mission.

Assessment Rubrik for Job Application

This project has been designed to promote 21st century learning and innovation - critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, and information, media and technology skills.

The pedological content of this project supports McREL's Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, by Marzarno, Pickering & Pollock.