Technical specifications

Height: 920 mm

Width: 545 mm

Length: 910 mm with arm not extended

1250 mm with arm extended

Mass: 2400 grams

Power: 2 x Rechargeable Batteries

Solar Cells

Radio Isotope Thermal Generator

Science Instruments: APXS, Mini-TES, Mossbauer, Microscopic Imager, Mass Spectrometer, LIDAR

The VSSEC Mars Rover is a semi-autonomous robot.

  • The Rover's body houses a computer, electronics and battery. The body provides a strong, protective outer layer with insulated walls to keep the heat in, particularly at night when temperatures can fall to -100 degrees C. See Thermal Safety Parameters.

  • The top of the Rover's body houses the Solar Array and Equipment Deck, where the Mast and Camera, communication Antennas, and Meteorological instruments are located.

  • The Robotic Arm carries scientific instruments, which can be deployed to analyse rocks and soil.

A Scoop can collect soil samples from underneath the Rover, which it delivers to a Wet Chemistry Lab and a Mass Spectrometer housed inside the body.