Navigation Engineer

The Navigation Engineer is responsible for safely driving the Rover. The Navigation Engineer will select the Rover's 'way-point' destination, and drive the Rover.

The Navigation Engineer's first responsibility is to check the accuracy of the satellite map of the landing site against the view from the Rover's cameras. What the Rover 'sees' will always take precedence over satellite images. The Robotics Engineer is responsible for deploying the mast camera (PANCAM). Note that Communications will need to select the Rover's High-gain Antenna to download the images.

The Navigation Engineer must approve the first site to be investigated as nominated by the Science Team, and is responsible for 'driving' the Rover.

Plot the best routes to subsequent sites, and prioritise the order in which they'll be visited. Take into consideration:

  • there is sufficient energy for driving and the deployment of Scientific Instruments,

  • the time left for the Mission,

  • requests from the Science Team, and

  • review your plan as necessary.

Complete and submit an application for the role of Navigation Engineer. You can download the application here.