Communications Engineer

The Communications Engineer is responsible for maintaining communications with Earth at all times.

As the Earth rotates, the Communications Engineer must select the appropriate satellite dish from the Deep Space Network, and the appropriate satellite in orbit around Mars to act as a communication relay.

Learn more about Communications, Deep Space Network, Mars Satellites and the Rover's antenna.

Space Weather can damage satellites and electrical systems on Earth. Learn more about Space Weather.

In the event of a solar flare or CME, ionising radiation will reach Earth sometime before it reaches Mars, and it will reach the Mars satellites before it reaches the Rover on the surface.

  • Liaise with the Space Weather Scientist. Alert other members of Mission Control. Shut down the Communications network, and the Mars Rover as necessary to protect electronics from damage. Reactivate the network as the radiation levels normalise.

  • A fail-safe system will automatically shut down the satellites if radiation levels become dangerous, and they will remain inactive for a longer period of time.

Complete and submit an application form for the role of Communications Engineer. You can download the application here.