Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist will take overall responsibility for their team, spot problems, assist as necessary, and troubleshoot. As such, the Chief Scientist must have an overall understanding of the entire mission (see Background Briefing) and the roles and responsibilities of each Mission Controller. The Chief Scientist will also work closely with the Chief Engineer.

Before the mission begins check that all team members are prepared. While the Rover is expected to work for at least 30 days, it is extremely important to get as much work done as quickly as possible, just in case something goes wrong.

Note: While the mission is operating, Communications, Environmental conditions [Space Weather & Mars Meteorologist] and Rover Performance [Thermal Engineer] must be constantly monitored, and appropriate action taken if necessary.

All requests regarding operation of the Rover must be approved by the appropriate Mission Controllers, and the Chief Scientist and Engineer, who have the power of veto to cancel requests. See 'Your Requests' at the bottom of the Mission Control task screen.

Initial protocol (as soon as the Rover lands) will be as follows:

Use the mast camera to scan the area immediately surrounding the Rover [Robotics]

The Astrobiologist, Chemist and Geologist have access to remote-sensing mineral maps of the landing site. MAP CONTROL SCREEN. Check the Rover's view of the surface against the maps and mark any differences you observe on the survey map.

Based on its scientific value, the Astrobiologist, Chemist and Geologist will select the first site to be investigated, which must be approved by Engineers for Navigability and Power demands.

The Engineering Team will set way-point and drive to the location, and deploy Robotic Arm.

Scientists (Astrobiologist, Chemist, Geologist) will select the Scientific Instruments to be deployed (within the Power budget).

Download data, including spectra, identify using the spectral library and indicate on Survey Map.

Select second site (as negotiated by Scientists and Navigator and approved by Power)

Repeat process, prioritising sites against time and power budget.

To apply for the position of Chief Scientist complete and submit the following application. You can download the application here.